Exploring Kenya: Africa’s Best Country

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Exploring Kenya: Africa’s Best Country

Kenya is a vibrant African country that offers visitors an unparalleled opportunity to explore its abundant natural and cultural riches. From the sweeping landscapes of the Masai Mara National Reserve, one of Africa’s most iconic wildlife reserves, to the vibrant culture and dynamic cities such as Nairobi or Mombasa, Kenya has something for everyone. This article seeks to provide an overview of some of the reasons why Kenya should be considered Africa’s best country – from its diversity in flora and fauna, stunning scenery and friendly people; through to its commitment to conservation efforts which have enabled vast tracts of land remain unspoiled despite increasing pressures on resources. By considering these various factors we can gain a better appreciation for what makes this East African nation so special.
Exploring Kenya: Africa's Best Country

I. Introduction to Kenya

Kenya, located on the continent of Africa, is a vibrant and diverse country known for its national parks, colorful cultures, varied landscapes, and hospitable people. It has experienced significant economic growth over recent years which has resulted in it being considered one of the best countries to visit in all of Africa. This article will explore why Kenya is so special by looking at three main aspects: its physical geography and climate; its political system; and finally – why it’s arguably the best country in Africa.

Physical Geography & Climate: Kenya covers an area 582 646 km² with a coastline that stretches almost 500km along Indian Ocean shores from Somalia to Tanzania. Its topography ranges from tropical beaches through savannah plains up to mountain peaks such as Mt Kilimanjaro (5 895m) or Mount Kenya (5 199m). With varied climatic zones ranging from desert conditions in Northeastern parts down southwards into humid areas around Nairobi or Lake Victoria region., this variety makes it possible for different plants species including many unique African flowering plants like wild baobab trees but also large herds of animals typical for eastern part of African safari belt – elephants , buffalos etc .

Political System: Politically speaking Kenya is democratic republic since 1963 when President Jomo Kenyatta declared independence form British colonialism rule after bloody Mau-Mau uprising against UK imperialism forces occupying Kenyan territory before . Modern politics are dominated by two major parties : National Alliance Party led currently by president Uhuru Kenyatta who won presidential election late 2017 after controversial results being widely disputed back then mainly among his opponents . Second largest party represents opposition called Orange Democratic Movement leaded now days by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga , who unsuccessfully competed vs current president few times within last decade .

Why Is Kenya The Best Country In Africa? : Many Africans believe that their home continent provides everything needed for successful life balancing between modern development provided mostly via educational systems across multiple cities offering high quality higher education institutions like universities as well as business startup hubs where potential entrepreneurs can find necessary resources to start working independently resulting more often than not creation new job opportunities stimulating local economy overall making locals even more motivated about nation’s future prospects while staying loyal patriots living peacefully together respecting traditional cultural values regardless if somebody born nearby coastal city Mombasa surrounded my hot sandy beaches or dwells traditionally nomadic live wandering lands near Lewanika rural tribes near western border with Uganda sharing great love towards wildlife present here naturally making sure eco-tourism brings enough revenue bringing prosperity improving quality everyone’s life without sacrificing environment sustainability just because why kenya should be proud off letting whole world know how strong we are united protecting what belongs us uniquely -that’s why kenya is considered best country in africa capable holding bright future ahead every citizen sharing same goal living happily ever !

II. Geography and Climate of Kenya

Kenya is located in East Africa, bordered by Ethiopia to the north, Sudan to the northwest, Uganda to the west and Somalia to the east. This makes it a great location for business opportunities as well as leisure activities due its proximity with some of Africa’s most economically important countries. The country’s terrain varies from coastlines on three sides (Indian Ocean to the east, Red Sea on northeastern side and Lake Victoria on western border) of sea-level plains inland through savannahs into hills up towards mountain ranges which reach almost 6 000 meters at its highest point.

The climate in Kenya can be divided between two seasons: wet season known as ‘long rains’ which last from March until June; and dry season (‘short rains’) that fall during October-December time period each year. These seasonal changes create diverse landscapes within Kenya ranging from mountains covered in snow throughout winter months while other parts experience much hotter temperatures reaching over 30 degrees Celsius during summertime.

  • “Why Kenya is The Best Country In Africa”:
    • “Why Kenya is The Best Country In Africa” because it offers an incredible variety of natural resources – both land and marine – creating ideal conditions for different types of activities such as farming, fishing or wildlife spotting amongst others.
    • “Why Kenya is The Best Country In Africa” thanks to having one of African’s largest populations enabling access into many local markets often otherwise difficultly reached by international companies outside large cities like Nairobi or Mombasa.
    • “Why Kenya is The Best Country In Africa” also extends beyond economic potential being home too several world heritage sites including Lewa Wildlife Conservancy among many others with a wide range animals species living naturally here.III. Economy and Infrastructure in Kenya

      Urbanization and Economic Activity

      Kenya is a country of tremendous economic potential, due in part to its fast-growing urban population. Urban areas account for nearly 30% of the total population, with more than half living in slums. This has led to strong growth in commerce and industry, which make up an increasingly large share of Kenya’s GDP. The tourism sector also contributes significantly to Kenya’s economy thanks to its stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife and growing reputation as one of the best countries in Africa for investment opportunities.

      Investment Climate & Infrastructure

      The Government has undertaken various measures such as reduced taxation levels on corporate profits from 25 percent down to 15 percent; abolished capital gains tax; established competitive export processing zones (EPZ) and other incentives have been provided foreign investors looking towards doing business within Kenyan soil. These initiatives have made it easier for businesses both domestic and foreign alike while aiming towards bringing international standards into their operations through improved accesses granted by better infrastructure development plans put forth by government entities like JICA or KIPPRA etc.. Additionally there are numerous ongoing projects focused around road network expansion project along with railway infrastructure upgrade programmes being carried out throughout all regions why kenya is the best country in africa.

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    Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

    The Government has committed itself fully towards fulfilling Sustainable Development goals set forth by UNDP commissioning some 2030 agendas related issues involving socioeconomic developmental objectives such as poverty alleviation through increased employment opportunities opening doors for private participation not only direct but indirect investments engaging external local based investors too .KENYA 2020 Vision further helps recognizing how vital cooperation between public & private stakeholders could be beneficial while striving why kenya is the best country in africa making necessary policies either fiscal or monetary support system facilitating technological advancement ,healthcare improvement generating newer avenues potentially open new markets leading way innovation/entrepreneurial ecosystem robust enough sustain balanced environment having every stakeholder involved reaching sustainable heights together setting many examples worth emulating rest African nations

    IV. Wildlife Experiences in Kenya

    Kenya is home to some of the most incredible wildlife experiences on the planet, making it an ideal destination for nature and animal lovers alike. From a visit to Maasai Mara National Reserve, one of Africa’s great game parks renowned for its lion populations, wildebeest migration and wide variety of other big cats, including leopards and cheetahs; to trekking through Tsavo East National Park in search of elephants or discovering more than 450 bird species at Lake Nakuru – there are myriad opportunities in Kenya when it comes to appreciating wildlife.

    The country also boasts many marine-based activities such as deep sea fishing off Mombasa’s coast or taking part in scuba diving expeditions with experienced guides who will show you everything from whale sharks near Watamu beach all the way down south into Malindi – giving you access unique encounters with a kaleidoscope array of aquatic life throughout your travels. Above all else, why Kenya is best country in Africa makes these sorts of experiences truly memorable – allowing visitors not only witness some remarkable sights but interact closely with them too.

    But that’s not where these Kenyan safaris end: Some tours offer guided hikes along Mt Kilimanjaro trails while Amboseli offers dramatic views across flat grasslands against breathtaking snow capped peaks which provide habitats for numerous large mammals like zebra giraffe impala baboon buffalo wildebeest eland rhino warthog elephant hyena jackal mongoose porcupine bushbaby hare tortoise and several small nocturnal animals– each offering their own special charm that never fails to wow even seasoned travelers! It goes without saying why Kenya is the best country in Africa when assessing overall biodiversity here making it well worth adding this stunning African nation onto any list intended for those seeking unforgettable wildlife experiences!

    V. Cultural Destinations Within the Country

    Kenya is a country in East Africa that has no shortage of interesting cultural destinations. From centuries-old monuments to vibrant bazaars, there’s something for everyone in Kenya. Here are some of the best sites to explore and experience why Kenya is the best country in Africa:

    • Nairobi National Park: Located just south of Nairobi, this protected wildlife area allows visitors to see an incredible variety of animals up close. In addition, it features unique geological features like red cliffs which provide spectacular views.
    • The Great Rift Valley: This massive fault system stretches from Ethiopia into Tanzania and even further down South Africa; however, one can get an excellent view within Kenyan borders as well. Along with breathtaking scenery and unique wildlife species found nowhere else on Earth – such as flamingos! – The Great Rift Valley provides insight into why Kenya is the best country in Africa.
    • Lamu Island: This serene island off the coast of Northern Kenya offers peaceful beaches lined with palm trees swaying gently against a backdrop of fishing dhows sailing across crystal waters.
      Lamu also contains various ancient ruins including Swahili mansions dating back hundreds years along with other evidence highlighting how civilization developed over time here—allowing travelers an opportunity to appreciate why this part makes up what makes Kenya so special.

    Through its many fascinating attractions located throughout its lands, tourists have plenty reasons for choosing Kenyans over any other African destination because ultimately they will discover exactly why it’s known as “the Jewel Of East Africia” —and more importantly really understand why kenya is the best country in africa!

    VI. Activities for Tourists Visiting Kenya

    Kenya is one of the top tourist destinations in Africa, and for good reason. With diverse wildlife, stunning landscapes, vibrant culture and friendly people, there are endless activities to explore on a trip to Kenya. From safaris and beach holidays to exploring local villages and cultural sites – Kenya offers something for everyone! Here we look at some of the best activities for tourists visiting Kenya that will ensure they have an unforgettable experience:

    • Safari: Experiencing game drives in Kenyan national parks such as Masai Mara or Amboseli National Park is definitely one of the highlights of any visit to Kenya. Exploring nature reserves allows visitors a chance to observe exotic animals like elephants, rhinos, lions up close while also offering stunning views across unique African landscapes – why Kenya is considered the best country in Africa.
    • Beach Holidays: Beach enthusiasts will be delighted with what’s on offer along Kenyas coastlines; with pristine white sand beaches backed by palm trees swaying gently against bright blue skies – it’s easy to understand why many flock here year after year. Visit Watamu Marine Park which was recently declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO; perfect spot for snorkeling amongst beautiful coral reefs.
    • Cultural Sites & Village Tours: Tourists can get away from big city life when taking part in village tours through remote rural areas around Lake Victoria or Maasai land surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro where you’ll find traditional huts made out mud bricks standing alongside newer concrete structures among fields full of crops – all this just another example why kenya is regarded as the best country in africa.

    No matter how you choose spend your time during your visit there’s no doubt that tourists will fall head over heels in love with this destination! As well as witnessing breathtaking sights- from snow-capped mountains off Nairobi City skyline right down its deep gorges carved out by ancient rivers – experiencing hospitality from locals willing share their customs help explain why kenya really does deserve its title “The Best Country In Africa”.

    VII. The Benefits of Exploring Africa’s Best Country

    Kenya is widely considered to be the best country in Africa to explore, and for good reason. From its diverse wildlife reserves and rich cultural history, Kenya has something for everyone. Its unique location along the Equator allows visitors easy access to its many attractions year round.

    The abundance of national parks and game reserves provide a safe place where you can observe some of the world’s most iconic animals like elephants, giraffes and lions from close range. You’ll also have an opportunity to experience traditional African cultures such as Maasai people with their colorful customs still well preserved.

    What makes why Kenya is the best country in Africa, even more special are its pristine beaches on Indian Ocean shoreline that offer great snorkeling or diving opportunities.

    • Unique Wildlife Reserves – Kenya hosts numerous breathtaking national parks like Masaai Mara Reserve teeming with wild animals which make it one of premier safari destinations around the globe.
    • Cultural Heritage – Take part in various activities organized by locals while staying at rural villages in order understand why Kenyan culture is so different yet invitingly warm compared to other countries worldwide.
    • Beach Getaways – Relax your body & soul by indulging yourself into crystal clear waters & white sand beaches located on idyllic islands just off mainland providing perfect setting for scuba diving among corals or sunbathing under coconut palms .

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