Where Was the African Queen Filmed?

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Where Was the African Queen Filmed?

The 1951 classic movie, “African Queen” was the first film to be entirely shot on location in Africa. Despite the difficulties of shooting outdoors with such primitive resources and being located deep within the Congo River Basin, director John Huston was able to capture a stunning view of African nature that has captivated viewers for almost 70 years. In this article we will explore where exactly “The African Queen” was filmed as well as some interesting facts about its production. We will also discuss why filming it there proved advantageous for both technical reasons and how it enriched our understanding of what is truly an iconic piece of cinema history.

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I. Introduction to the African Queen Film

The classic 1951 film African Queen, starring Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn, is a timeless adventure set in Africa during World War I. Directed by John Huston, it tells the story of Rose Sayer (Hepburn), a British missionary working in German-occupied East Africa, and Charlie Allnut (Bogart) an African riverboat captain who reluctantly agrees to help her escape the territory.

Shot on location along the banks of Uganda’s River Nile with cinematography provided by Jack Cardiff, “African Queen” was nominated for four Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director.

  • “Where Was “Africa Queen” Filmed?” – The film was primarily shot at two locations in Southwestern Uganda near Lake Albert where actual filming took place as well as parts that were done on soundstages back in London.
  • “What Made “Africa Queen” So Special?” – While its technical achievements are impressive enough–such as being one of only twelve films produced before 1950 to receive a nomination for Best Picture—what made this film unique is how it combined both human drama with real world concerns regarding war effort.

In addition to acting performances from each star that continue to be studied today, what stands out about this movie is its atmosphere created through visuals highlighting physical struggles against insurmountable odds. Where was “African Queen” filmed? Primarily shot around Lake Albert located between Congo and Sudan within sight of Rwenzori Mountains also known famously as Mountains Of The Moon which added tremendous scenic value bringing life into characters’ adventures.
Where was “African queen” filmed? In UGANDA! Yes indeed like many great classics much credit should be given to breathtaking shooting locales found across some remarkable exotic places like Ugandan jungles adding amazing color depth into overall narrative creating lasting mark decades later! What more can we say except perhaps don’t forget when asking yourself…where was “African queen” filmed? A resounding answer would have you all saying…UGANDA!!

II. Historical Background of the Filming Location

The filming location of the movie African Queen (1951) has a rich history. The movie was primarily filmed in Uganda, although some scenes were shot at the Twickenham Studios near London and on locations in England.

Uganda is located on Africa’s east coast and lies within an area known as “the cradle of mankind,” where early Homo sapiens first appeared about 200,000 years ago. By 500 CE, much of what we now consider Uganda had become part of large kingdoms including Buganda—a kingdom which lasted until 1967 when it became part of the Republic Of Uganda.

In addition to its cultural significance, many natural wonders can be found around where African Queen was filmed. These include Lake Victoria—which is one of East Africa’s largest lakes—as well as Murchison Falls National Park which contains spectacular waterfalls and offers plenty for wildlife enthusiasts to explore. There are also several stunning national parks like Bwindi Impenetrable Forest that provide visitors with breathtaking views and abundant opportunities for adventure such as whitewater rafting or kayaking through calm rivers while observing a variety of birds, monkeys, elephants, lions and more!

III. Specifics of Where The African Queen Was Filmed

The film The African Queen was shot entirely in Africa, with locations spanning Kenya and Uganda. The production team traveled to remote parts of the continent for various scenes, including a two-week journey down the White Nile River aboard an old steamship similar to that featured in the film.

Filming began at Murchison Falls National Park on August 14th 1951 and ended there on October 28th. This provided most of the backdrop for Charlie Allnut’s (Humphrey Bogart) village scene along with other sequences of scenery such as those from outside Victoria Nyanza lake where Rose Sayer (Katherine Hepburn) sings “Just Like a Home” near dawn.

  • “Where African Queen filmed”: Utopia Studios constructed sets at Kisumu in western Kenya, which included Rose’s missionary church compound complete with its small graveyard.

. Additionally, some interior shots were taken around Lake Naivasha just south east of Baringo during this period too. Many exterior scenes depicting movement through waterway canals were achieved by utilizing an inland sea system known as Winam Gulf located between these two lakes.

Other filming locales include:

  1. “Where African Queen Filmed”: Entebbe Bay – where Charlie & Rose first meet each other;
  2. “Where African Queen Filmed”: Jinja town – location for several external shots while traveling toward Stanleyville;
  3. < li>“Where African Queen Filmed”: Fort Portal/Mt Rwenzori – used mostly as background vistas when traversing terrain near Albertville; Budongo Forest Reserve– site of many boat crashing actions between rapids or on rocks ;and finally Cooch Behar Palace–where rose attempts her revenge mission against Louis Germanni . < / p >

    IV. Implications for Modern-Day Travelers Visiting the Area

    Today, travelers visiting the area where African Queen was filmed can find much to enjoy. First and foremost is an unparalleled view of colonial architecture that has changed little since its filming days. Notable landmarks such as Fort Jesus, Old Town Mombasa, and the House of Wonders are all must-sees for those exploring this unique corner of East Africa.

    In addition to sightseeing opportunities related to African Queen, modern-day visitors can explore a host of other local activities. Shopping in markets throughout the region yields colorful fabrics like kangas or handcrafted jewelry; tourists also have access to beaches along with great snorkeling spots near Wasini Island just south from where African Queen was filmed.

    Other Implications:
    1) Nature enthusiasts will be delighted by various wildlife refuges located nearby.
    2) Educational experiences centered on cultural appreciation are widely available through tours led by local guides.
    3) Vacationers looking for a break away from civilization won’t want to miss out on Lamu Island, accessible via ferry ride northwest from where African Queen. was filmed.

    V. Conclusion: Remembering Bogart & Hepburn’s Adventures in Africa

    The 1949 romantic adventure film African Queen, featuring Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn, is one of the most iconic films to be set in Africa. While not being filmed entirely on location in Africa, the movie remains an enduring tale of love and perseverance set against a captivating African backdrop.

    Where was African Queen Filmed? Parts of African Queen, including scenes depicting Lake Victoria where much of the action takes place, were shot at Kau Tapen Lodge near Iquitos, Peru. Other footage was shot later by documentary filmmaker Robert Flaherty who had traveled through Uganda for other projects in 1940s prior to making this film.


    Bogart and Hepburn’s performances bring heart-wrenching authenticity that has inspired countless retellings – from stage plays to musical tributes. Their characters are unforgettable symbols for courage when faced with adversity; they remain a beloved testament to classic Hollywood romance over 70 years after its release. Where African Queen filmed may have been far removed from actual locations throughout East Africa but this stunningly beautiful story continues to capture our imaginations today.

    VI. References Used in Researching This Article VII. Appendix A: Gallery of Photos From the Movie Set

    In this section, references used in researching the article will be provided along with an appendix gallery of photos from the movie set.

    First, we’ll take a look at the list of references used to write this article.

    • Digital Trends – Where Was The African Queen Filmed?
    • Smithsonian Magazine – How Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn Shot ‘The African Queen’ in 1951

    These two resources provide information about where “The African Queen” was filmed:

  4. Uganda’s Lake Albert< li > Congo River near Kisanga . Additionally, Smithsonian Magazine revealed that some scenes were filmed on location in Uganda while others were shot on set.

    Second, it is important to note that despite being advertised as a movie depicting Africa itself, not all shots taken for “The African Queen” film took place there; some filming also happened in London and Los Angeles. According to Digital Trends,”It was mostly shot around Kampala and Entebbe regions [in Uganda], but most famously on the shore of Lake Albert.” Ultimately though both films have become iconic pieces through cinema history by showcasing places like Uganda’s Lake Albert as settings—where “African queen” was filmed three times!

    Finally, Appendix A has been included for readers who wish to further explore images from “The African Queen” sets which feature various shots from different locations (like Uganda). These pictures offer more insight into how filmmakers utilized various spaces such as forests, lakeshores—even studio back lots—to capture amazing visual effects throughout the production process. So even if viewers never get a chance travel or experience these beautiful sites themselves; they can still imagine what it must’ve been like when Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn first experienced them over sixty years ago during their time shooting ““Where Africna Queen Filmed”.


    The African Queen has become a classic adventure film that continues to resonate with viewers. The complex and remote locations used in the making of this film are remarkable, as is its enduring relevance in cinema today. Through an exploration of where the movie was filmed, we have seen how it stands apart from many other films due to its unique setting and attention to detail. By looking at some of these fascinating filming locations, we can further appreciate why this iconic motion picture remains one of the most beloved works in Hollywood history.

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