Zebra Stripes

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The zebra’s stripes are an intriguing feature that has long made them a memorable presence on the African savannah. While their distinctive pattern of black and white may seem to be for show, it turns out these markings have several important functions in helping zebras survive.

One major benefit of the stripey coat is its ability to help ward off predators such as lions or hyenas who might otherwise see it as a easy meal. The contrasting bands create confusion when viewed from different angles, making it difficult for potential attackers to judge distance and movement accurately – known by biologists as “motion dazzle”. In addition, if two species with differently coloured coats live close together then some interbreeding can occur which results in offspring having more varied patterns than either parent — therefore further adding another level of camouflage protection! Studies also suggest that with larger groups there is less chance they will all get eaten because each individual zebra blends in among others and becomes harder prey spot at any one moment .

Furthermore , research also suggests other advantages associated with possessing bold striping; including being able to cool down quicker due hot climates where darker fur traps heat more readily resulting higher body temperatures followed up increased risk dehydration events (especially during extended running away moments). Also strangely enough lighter areas tend not attract parasites like ticks -which would again remove overall burden under strenuous conditions posed sometimes whilst fleeing carnivores.} Finally social interaction between zebras appears rely heavily upon recognizing unique stripes so this could explain why individuals within herd remain distinct yet cohesive unit over time too!.

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